Board of Directors Meeting

April 25, 2015   9:00 AM

Burleigh County Senior Center


The meeting was called to order by Larry Schwartz, President.   Members of the board present were:  Larry & Sharon Schwartz, President; Gary & Diane Chepulis, Vice President; Carlyle & Sally Hillstrom, Treasurer and Art & Judi Bakken Secretary.   Also present were:  Ray  & Rose Hall, Prairie Squares webmaster; Mark & Bina Krebsbach, Insurance Coordinator;  Gary & Diane Chepulis, License Coordinator;  Tammie Clemens, Historian and SW Directors  Vernon &  Rose Laning.

Members of the board absent were:  NW Director Wayne & Dorothy Lamon, & SE Director Bruce & Diana Clark.

Minutes of last meeting (December 6th. 2014)

Art Bakken read the minutes of the December 6th. 2014 Board of Director’s meeting. 

Treasurer’s Report                            

The Treasurer’s report was given by Carlyle Hillstrom.  As of July 1, 2014. The beginning balance $2,894.26.  There was income from club dues of $280.00.   All seven clubs have paid their dues.  Interest received was 21 cents.  Total income was $280.21   Expenses are USDA $100.00, BMI $150.00, ASCAP 123.00, North Dakota Secretary of State $10.00, Grant to 2016 Convention Committee $400.00, Web Master Payment of $300.00 and Larry Schwartz for Officer bars $101.18.  Total expensed are $1184.18.  Current balance is $1990.29.  Gary Chepulis moved and Tammie Clemens seconded a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report.  Motion passed.

Historian’s Report                            

Tammie Clemens reported that she has the Facebook page up and running.  We may “Like” and post information about dances and other Square Dance related stories and pictures.  The address is ND Square and Round Dance Organization. Tammie has created a slide show of pictures from the Friday night dance. 

Insurance Coordinator Report        

The Insurance Report was given by Mark Krebsbach.  There are currently 7 clubs in North Dakota.  Two of the clubs participate in the Insurance Program.  The premium for the 2015 year is $4.45 per member.  The minimum fee per club is $45.00.  They sent the forms to the two clubs in September of 2013 and received the money and forms back from the two clubs.  The forms and monies have been sent to the National Insurance Coordinator, Pat Inglis.  A question was raised about only two clubs participating in the insurance program.  The eastern part of the state belongs to the Minnesota state association and therefore a covered in that state’s insurance program.  The Ramblers club is covered in the National Campers Association insurance program.  Mark & Bina Krebsbach stated again they would like to resign their position as Insurance Coordinator.  Art & Judi Bakken has accepted this position with training being provided from the Krebsbachs.



License Coordinator Report                        

The report was given by Gary Chepulis.

ASCAP & BMI –We currently have a $150 credit for year 2015.  Gary was able to get a waiver on the fee after many phone calls, and emails.  Gary doesn’t know if this will be a one- time waiver or not.  Our sincere thanks for Gary’s perseverance.

ND Secretary of State Annual Report - $ 10.00 per year (filed & paid 1/22/2015)

USDA annual fee: $100.00 Paid 7/22/2014

IRS (non-profit status) – must file every year after June 1st as our year is from June 1st thru May 31st.

Paid 10/2014


Prairie Squares Report                     

Ray Hall reported not much new from Prairie Squares.  There have been a few minor increases in the cost.  Please make sure your clubs have someone dedicated to sending in schedules and updates.


 Directors’ Reports

            South West Directors – Vernon & Rose Laning:  Vernon gave report, see website

            North West Directors- Wayne & Dorothy Lamon:  No report given due to sickness.

            South East Directors- Bruce & Diana Clark:  Reports delivered by Bernadette McNeil. See website

            Northeast Directors- No club, no director, no report.  Grand Forks is working on forming a club.

Old Business 

 Convention 2015                             

Report was given by Larry Schwartz. The convention opened last night with 69 dancers and 33 cloggers for a total of 102 total participants.  The square and round dancing is held in the main hall and the cloggers are located in a smaller room. When the room was rented the management of the Burleigh County Senior Center stated they will not rent a room for the cloggers after this year.  When the International convention was held at the AMVETS the cloggers were placed at the Senior Center and they ruined the floor of the main hall.  If Bismarck hosts another convention we will have trouble including the cloggers.  We had Boy Scout Troop 89 presented the flags and escorted the veterans into the opening ceremonies.  There will be an after party following the dancing tonight.

 Convention 2016

Report given by Larry Schwartz.   Because no square dance club had put in a bid for the 2016 state convention the ND Callers Association has offered to host the convention.  Because the bylaws state a club must sponsor the convention bylaws had to be studied and suspended for this one occasion.  The 2016 convention will be a one day event.  It will be held at the El Zagel Shrine in Fargo on April 30, 2016.  We will have the Board of Directors and General Meetings on Saturday morning, dancing in the afternoon to the callers from the ND Callers and Cures Association.   The evening dance will be called by national caller Dan Sahlstrom. 


Someone asked who would be the Board of Director members if the Callers are hosting the 2016 Convention.  Larry Schwartz stated that the callers are not eligible to be on the Board of Directors and that the Board would be elected at the annual general meeting from members of the member clubs.  If there are no nominations at the general meeting the President has the authority to appoint any vacancy in the board.

Questions about the profit distribution.  There should be no profit as the Callers and not charging registration and the expense will be the responsibility of the Callers association.


New Business 

No New Business


Rose Hall made a motion to adjourn.   Adjourned.