SW District Report for the 2015 State Square and Round Dance Convention


April 24 & 25, 2015 at Bismarck, ND


The Belles N' Beaux Square Dance Club continues to hold dances on the first and third
Saturdays of the month at the Bismarck Senior Center. The Bismarck Plus Club was officially
made a sub division of the BN'B club during the year but maintains a separate dues structure
to raise needed operating funds. Plus dances are held on the second and fourth Mondays of
each month at the Bismarck Eagles Club with our dedicated caller, Larry Pfennig.

Our club owes its existence to Larry's patient service as our caller/cuer. Additionally, we were
able to use the services of Roger and Bernadette McNeil, Jim Lizakowski, and Doc Brooks during
our dance year. Regrettably, Doc Brooks informed us he will be retiring from calling this spring
but we have greatly enjoyed his calling this past few years and will miss him at the microphone.
We will hopefully still have him visit for an occasional dance with us.


During the dance year we held three special "fun nights" where the usual square dance attire
was replaced by hillbilly, crazy T-shirts, and Luau related clothing. It also gave our members the
chance to earn special fun night dangles. Two pot luck dinner nights were also held during our
Christmas and Annual Meeting Dances.


Another change we made to our dances was the normal lunch following the dances. Instead of
assigning someone to provide a lunch, we have asked everyone to bring a snack to be shared
during the dance. Our dancers have expressed a definite preference to this over the heavier
lunch practice.


During the annual meeting the following new officers were elected:

President: Greg and Mary Ann Morford

Vice President: Tim and Doretta Bornemann

Treasurer: Art and Judi Bakken

Secretary: Reynard and Joletta Schmidt


Unfortunately, none of the North Dakota clubs volunteered to host the 2016 State Convention
but the ND Callers Association has taken on the task and will hold the convention in Fargo in
2016. Square Dance rules however do not allow the callers to hold state offices so nominations
may have to be sought at the convention general meeting.


Respectfully Submitted:
Vernon and Rose Laning
4121 78th Ave. NE
Bismarck, ND 58503