General  Meeting Minutes

April 26, 2014   10:20 AM

El Zagal Shrine

The meeting was called to order by Curtis Vanek, President. 


Curtis Vanek read the minutes of the April 28, 2013 general membership meeting.  One correction was made by Bina Krebsbach.  Lois Weltz is the NW director instead of NE.  The new directors Wayne & Dorothy Laman are NW instead of NE.   A motion was made by Mark Krebsbach  and seconded by Rose Hall to accept the minutes as corrected.  Motion was approved.


The treasurer’s report was give by Clayton Brennan.  The report has changed since this morning’s  board meeting as two clubs have paid their dues and one bill was paid.  Beginning balance is  $2,779.30 as of July 20, 2013.  Ending balance as of April 26, 2014 is $1,610.13.   Larry  Schwartz moved that the  treasurer’s report be accepted and  Art Bakken seconded the motion.  The motion was carried.


The  Historian’s Report was given by  Tammie Hughes.  She stated you can continue sending her things.  She is in possession of Tillie .    She asked if she could start a  facebook page for the ND square dancers.  She would set it up and do the administration of it.  The proposal was discussed and it was agreed it would be beneficial for square dance.  You can send her a facebook request or she will initiate.   She has a goal to be back up on stage calling within 4 years. 


The Insurance report was given by Mark Krebsbach.  There are presently 6 clubs in ND.   Two of the clubs participate in the Insurance Program.  The premium for the 2014 year is $4.45  per member.  The minimum fee per club is $45.00.  They sent the forms to the two clubs in September of 2013 and received the money and forms from the two clubs.  The forms and monies have been sent to the National Insurance Coordinator, Pat Inglis.   Bina Krebsbach stated they would like to resign as coordinators.  It isn’t that much work.  Curt Vanek asked people to think about it and let the new president know if anyone is interested in taking over the position.


The License Coordinator Report was given by   Gary Chepulis                      . 

ASCP – License (current-rates) - $121.00  minimum (up from $90)            

 BMI License (Current rates )  $.06   per attendee  -  $ 150.00  minimum

 ND Secretary of State  Annual report is  $10.00 per year. 

United Square Dancers of America is $100 per year.

He is going to research ASCAP and BMI to see if our rates can be lowered. 

IRS National – (non-profit status) must file every year after June 1st as our year is from June 1st thru May 31st.


 Election of Directors -  Nomination was made for Vern and Rose Laning for SW Director to replace Ken and Sharon Moon. Bina Krebsbach seconded.  Motion carried.  Carol Currie believes the SE Director term is up.  Mike Cleary nominated Bruce & Diana Clark for SE Director.   Carol Currie seconded.   Motion passed.


Ray Hall gave the Prairie Squares Report.   He stated minutes are missing on the website for April 2013 and October 2013 .   He needs updates from clubs as for contacts or any other information.


 The 2014 Convention Report was given by Carol Currie.  The convention opened with 108 people pre- registrered.   There are 25 walk-ins so far for a  total of 133 in attendance.  There was a welcome from Fargo mayor Dennis Walaker and introductions of State and convention officers and the evening’s callers.  The rest of the State officers will be introduced Saturday night.  Wanda’s Whitewood Square Dance Shop is downstairs.  We think you will enjoy tonight’s after party following the dancing, and hope you have a fun time dancing.  Thanks to everyone for coming.


The  Convention 2015 Report was given by Convention Chair Larry Schwartz. 

Convention Officers are:

            Convention Co-Chairs  -  Larry & Sharon Schwartz & Greg & Mary Ann Morford

              Treasurer                       -  Greg & Mary Ann Morford

               Secretary                   -  Gary & Diane Chepulis

              There was no old Business.

 New Business -

a.      Mike Cleary stated  the Dakota Ramblers are hosting the International on the first weekend in June.  There are four callers and two cuers on staff.   Three of them are Thor, Larry  Pfenning, & Ted Kernowski.

b.      Election of State Officers:   Mike Cleary moved that we accept the slate of officers nominated by Bismarck.  Al Currie seconded.  Motion was carried.   The State Officers elected are:

President -    Larry & Sharon Schwartz

Vice President  – Gary & Diane Chepulis

Treasurer    Carlyle & Sally Hillstrom

Secretary -  Art & Judi Bakken  

c.        Convention bid for 2016

No  bids were received.  Mark Krebsbach made a motion that the 2014 Board be authorized to accept any bids for convention for 2016.  Mike Cleary seconded.  Motion passed.

d.      Delegate to the 2014 National Convention

Mark & Bina Krebsbach were selected.


Jim Lizakowski gave the Callers’ Report .  The callers  convention in October 2014 (last weekend) is booked for El Zagal.  They are going back to the format with a workshop and then an evening dance.  This year the workshop will be done by Thor Sigurdson and he will be calling the evening dance.  For the 2015 convention, they have booked Dick Reuter out of the cities.  For 2016, they are looking at Dan Salstrom from the cities.  Callers are dwindling down.  There are only 8 callers in the meeting.  The individual callers pay $140 a year to BMI/ASCAP.  There is an associate membership for $80 if the caller is doing less than 50 dances per year.


 Announcements – Vic Schwan discussed that there was no bid for the 2015 International Convention.  He hoped that the convention would continue.


Mark Krebsbach made a motion to adjourn and Art Bakken seconded.  Curt Vanek adjourned the meeting.