ND State Square and Round Dance Association

Promotional Committee Report

April 30, 2011



The Promotional Committee’s top 2 question list:

  1. Have you invited another person/couple to dance with you this year?
  2. Have you invited another person/couple to dance with you this year?


Through the year we have considered how the promotion committee should be structured.  Those thoughts have led us to the following topics:


(1) Following last year’s State meeting and creation of the new committee, a few people approached us about it.  We weren’t quite sure how the committee should be structured.  Some of the suggested ways could be:

  • one person or couple from each club in ND on the committee
  • election or nomination from within each club
  • anyone who volunteers (even though this may give some clubs higher representation on the committee)


We feel that direction on how to form this committee needs to be provided by the attendees of the 2011 State Meeting.


(2) Funding was set up for this committee per the State meeting last year of $100.  After that meeting, we looked for direction on how to properly handle the funds.  There was no means to hold us accountable, as we would have preferred, and others expressed the same concern for us.  There were various options proposed by different people:

  • Chairpersons could open a checking account for the Promotional Committee
  • Deposit the funds into the chairperson’s dance club’s treasury and keep it earmarked as State Promotional funds
  • State Treasurer set up a fund within the State’s current account
  • State Treasurer establish a separate State Promotional account


The funds we received were returned to the ND Square and Round Dance Association treasury, with the agreement that we would save receipts and present them to the treasurer for reimbursement for the current year. A decision needs to be made on how to handle this in the future by the 2011 State meeting attendees.


(3) Term limits for the Promotional Committee’s chairpersons were not addressed when the Promotional Committee was created in April 2010. We ask that the committee chairperson’s term limit be determined by the 2011 State meeting attendees.


Now, for happenings in the state…


We have admired what has gone on in Minot in 2010-11 with the resurrection of square dancing in their community. There has been a creation of interest, lessons offered, graduation of new students and talk of a possible new club formation.


Contact has been made with the ND State Fair Board.  The opportunity exists for dancing in Minot during the State Fair this year (are people aware that the Square Dance is the ND State Dance?).  Our concern is the ability to get it coordinated in a limited timeframe.  If a committee were in place, we could possibly consider this event this year. 


Through phone calls to Medora, we have learned that the dancing opportunity is available, but it is very limited in floor-time because the musical already has a pre-show established within it.


We have had several ideas and brainstorming times, so the thoughts aren’t dead. We are looking for direction for establishing the committee and ask for your patience through the building process.



Promotion of dancing needs to be supported and encouraged by every dancer on the floor to accomplish a lasting growth in our activity.




Respectfully submitted,

Mark and Betty Gudmunsen