ND Square and Round Dancers Inc.

Gladstone Hotel, Jamestown, ND

May 21, 2017


Special Board of Directors Meeting

Pres. Curt Vanek called the meeting to order.

Roll Call:

                NW Directors- Absent (Wayne and Dorothy Lamen)

                SW Directors-Absent (Vern and Rose Laning)

                SE Directors-Present (Al and Carol Curie)

NE Directors-Present (Sandy Sathre)

                Director at Large- Absent (Vern and Rose Laning)

Incoming Officers:

                Pres.-Present (Mark and Bina Krebsback)

                Vice Pres. -Present (Gary and Diane Chepules)

Secretary—Absent (Greg and Mary Ann Morford)

Treasurer- Absent (Vern and Rose Laning)

Outgoing Officers:

                Pres.-Present (Curt and Rosie Vanek)

Vice President- Absent (Harvey Hedgvik)

                Secretary- Present (Corene Geffre)

                Treasurer- Present (Pat and Nan Connelly)

The NW Directors, Wayne and Dorothy Lamen, have resigned.  Duane and Gail Hoberlock were recommended as replacements.  President Vanek made that appointment.  They will serve out Lamen’s one year term and will be available for another term.

Minutes of the last board meeting were read and approved.




Treasurer’s Report:

Balance is $643.83

Convention data:  The state association will receive $416 from the convention.  The officers of FMSDA will meet and decide if the $400 grant be returned to the state association.  Discussion was held concerning the 2010 decision by the state to always have $2000 in the state treasury.  Motion was made to do away with the $2000 minimum and just have each board be fiscally responsible.  We all need to be aware of having enough on hand for every upcoming convention.  Passed unanimously.

Motion made that all minutes be posted on the Prairie Squares website.  Passed unanimously.


Old Business:

Discussion was held concerning the continuation of the $300 loan and the $400 grant.  Motion was made to do away with the grant and increase the loan to $400.  Any changes may be made by the board in the future.  Passed unanimously.

The office of the Historian was discussed.  In the past the historian displayed memorabilia at conventions and on Facebook.  Curt will contact Tammy Clemens about continuing in this position and investigate alternatives on how this position and materials be handled.  Motion passed unanimously.

Gary C. has sent in the request to USDA asking that ND fees be lowered due to the decrease of square dancers in the state.  If this is granted by the national organization, ND would have fewer delegates at the national convention.

BMI license

                If the state promotes a dance, under any title, BMI fees must apply ($155).  The board finds this redundant as the guest caller for dances must also pay BMI fees.  Some discussion was held about changing Article 6 of the state bylaws.  Suggestion was made by Al C. that Mark and Bina investigate this double billing concern at the national convention.  Hopefully there will be a seminar including this issue.  They will then report back to the state association.  If we decline to pay BMI and ASCAP, notification must be given one month prior to the yearly due date of Jan 1.

Ramblers Club is still in existence and will continue to be part of the state association.  Mark and Bina will check with state treasurer, Vern Laning, on how to reinstate the Ramblers as soon as a $40 membership fee is sent in to the state association. It was suggested that the treasurer notify clubs two months prior of the yearly fee due date (February of each year).  The President will keep an updated list of club members on the website for reference.





New Business:

President will appoint someone to audit the treasurer’s books.  These books will be finalized as soon as FMSDA makes a report on the April convention.  Treasurers books will then be transported to Vern L. in Bismarck.  Thank you Rosie for being the transport.



Sandy S. needs a director’s book.  Brainstorming occurred on how to get this together.  It was decided that she could have the book used by the director at large since they would have two books.

We need a webmaster.  Rosie volunteered to take care of the existing site unless someone else would like to do it.  She will use the current site and not create a new one.  Thanks MUCH Rosie.

To save money, if any officer wants a state association badge or bar, they may purchase one themselves.  Many of the officers have more badges than they can currently wear and felt this was often an unwanted badge.

Motion to Adjorn.

Submitted by Corene Geffre