Tillie – Red

Jamestown Square Steppers – April 1990 – December 1990
Sunflower Sets – Dec 1, 1990
Valley Swingers – Dec 7, 1990
Tillie came to Richardton with Millie & Adam on Oct 26, 1991, after attending Callers Lab Square Dance & Meeting in Fargo. Tillie did not get to visit with the Centennial Squares of Richardton on Nov 2 due to a snow storm. But she will be attending the Christmas Potluck on Dec 7, 1991.
Tillie came to Dickinson after the Richardton Christmas Potluck Dec 7, 1991. She will be attending the Dickinson Christmas Potluck Dec 14, 1991. There will be a lot of delicious food and she will be dancing and having a lot of fun. The caller will be Larry Lund. The Dickinson Roughrider Square Dancers enjoyed having Tillie.
Tillie visited the Swing & Twirl Club of Tioga, ND on December 20, 1991. It was our Christmas Dance held at Ross Community Hall, Ross ND. Larry Lund was the caller. Larry & Jean Lund had brought Tillie from Dickinson. We had 4 squares plus with all having a good time. The Swing and Twirl Club dancers enjoyed your visit, Tillie! Come again! See you at the State Convention.
Tillie was brought to Williston from Tioga on Jan 10, 1992. She really enjoyed our graduation that night. She was still with us for our Valentine’s Dance Feb 14th. If anyone ask her, she would love to stay for the Sadie Hawkins Dance on Feb 28th. This is being called by Mel Diers. So if I haven’t had a chance to travel from Williston by then, sure hope I can find a good looking guy to do with. Having fun in Williston – hope to return again. Yah---- Got to stay for Sadie Hawkins Dance in Williston. Didn’t find a date but am taking my box lunch. Some luck guy is in for a real treat.
Went to the Sadie Hawkins dance with the Williston bunch but had to eat lunch with Bill Gill – I’m depressed – all he wanted to do was feed me pickles. I’m going to stay over night at Jenner’s and go on to Minot with the Diers. I sure hope it works out. Harry didn’t do a good job of lifting my spirits, so on to Minot. The Diers decided to take me to a dance at Kenmare. Another Sadie Hawkins dance. I sure hope I find a fellow there.
Tillie came to our Sadie Hawkins Dance February 19, 1992 at Circle and Swing – Kenmare, ND. We enjoyed her and tried to get her a partner but no young ones left. She danced one dance with Don Tank. She is always welcome. We had 4 callers from Callers Lab – real good.
Tillie visited the Magic Squares/Merry Mixers classes on March 1st & 8th. She only got to dance one dance but she will move on to the Magic Squares dance on the 14th and then who knows where.
Tillie came to the Velva Prairie Squares on Friday, March 13th. We enjoyed her company with us. She brought us good luck as we had so many visitors. But poor Tillie never got a dance even though Joe Stair came by himself. We tried getting them together but we thought Nina would get jealous. We wish you better luck, Tillie, at the next dance. Come and see us gain. PS Till did get to dance after all with Earl Fink. I guess he felt sorry for her.
Tillie came to the Magic Squares dance on March 14! Arnold Strebe was the caller! We had lots of visitors and some single guys from Canada but Tillie was too choosy and couldn’t find the right one. But Tillie got to dance with Arnold McPhalen from Canada and had fun. She also sat up font with Arnold to help him call. She will be visiting the Merry Mixers next week on the 21st. See you again next year Tillie! We enjoyed having you visit us!
March 21, 1992. Tillie visited the Prairie Rose club this afternoon and now she is at the Minot Merry Mixers. I don’t know if I will be dancing any square dances but I had a waltz with Lloyd Mergel. I am going to Harvey tomorrow.
On March 22, 1992, Tillie visited the Town & County dancers at Harvey. She got to sit up front and help Mel Diers call. We enjoyed her visit. She danced in several squares and Fred Eidmann danced a full tip with her. Erna didn’t mind sitting out while Tillie danced with her man. We enjoyed your visit, Tillie. Come back again next year.
On March 28, 1992, Bob & Darlene Appelt from the Town & Country Dancers of Harvey brought Tillie to Devils Lake for a nice visit. We had a good evening with Ed Novak. Do come again Tillie. PS I even got to sit up front with the caller and also danced in a mixer, so I got to dance with lots of good looking guys – What fun! Hope to see you all at the ND State Square & Round Dance Convention April 24-25, 1992
April 6, 1992 was the date Tillie arrived in Langdon for the Border Belles & Beaus with Randy Parent the caller. Tillie danced the last dance. The Devils Lake club brought her to Langdon and Bert & Gladys Brediem took her home and will take her to Dahlen April 14, 1992.
Tillie came to Dahlen to visit but stayed all summer. She started to live upstairs in the hall but since she’s afraid of mice getting in her stuffing, she went to live with Julia Quam. She said it was a good place to live and would like to stay, but since she has wandering feet, it’s time to move on.
Nov 6th, 1992. Tillie came to Park River with Glenn and Verdal Gilbertson from the Roll-A-Ways in Dahlen. Norman Cross, caller, enjoyed seeing her again. She danced with 6 squares on our Harvest Festival dance. She is spending a few days with Joe & Irene Espelien, the NE area directors. til Thurs. nite when she’ll become a guest of the County Corners Club of Cavalier.
Tillie came to Cavalier with Joe & Irene Espelien for the dance on Nov 12, 1992. She ended up staying at Neche with Bill & Donna Newell for the Holidays and decided she had better move on so they took her to Langdon on Jan 4, 1993. She is hoping to find a home further south for the winter.
She got as far as Devils Lake with Mel Bulock & Linda Felchle. She was a guest of Linda’s and attended a dance at the armory in DL on Jan 23. She tried to catch a ride out of town but failed. So she stayed with Linda until Feb 13th and went to the Valentine dance at the Armory hoping to get a valentine. Tillie didn’t get the valentine she hoped for so she is going to Rugby today to the Valentine dance there with Linda & Mel & Rex & Joyce Baker.
March 7, 1993 Today Tillie is going to Harvey with Fred & Erna Eidmann. We picked her up in Rugby. Fred did a little jig out to the car with her. She really enjoyed it. Hopefully she’ll do better in Harvey tonight and some good hearted soul will take her with him.
April 5, 1993 Tillie caught a ride with Bev & Byron Zingg to McClusky. She stayed with them a spell, used the guest bedroom, spooked Bev a few times when she walked in on her! She is going to the McClusky dance – hopefully some nice gentlemen will dance with her and take her on to Wilton or the state convention in Bismarck later this month.

April 5 Guest of honor at the Carlson farm for a few days, resting up for the big state convention in Bismarck. But first Curt & Grace will take Tillie to the Wilton Town & Country Promenaders dance on April 9th. The grandchildren thought they had another Grandma sitting in the rocking chair!
April 9, 1993 Visited the Wilton Town & Country Promenaders – Arnold Strebe calling. Went home with Harold and Darlene Janssen of Washburn. Yes. I wore my seat belt in the car. Enjoyed the Easter weekend especially the Easter Egg hunt with the grandchildren.
April 16th I went to Bismarck to attend the State Square Dance Convention.
April 17th I went to the after party, and that big guy with the hat really started to get interested. I spent the night in Room 714, and what a party it was. I left early in the morning and stayed at 407 Weatherby Way for 1 week. I then went to the sq. dance and am really looking forward to going with new friends. I hope to be in Wishek on May 22, 1993. There is some folks I need to see there. The guy with the hat at the Convention. What a dud.
I attended the Promenaders dance May 1, 1993. I had stayed with Marlan & Sharon Sorenson & Sharon washed by dress & slip & then found me a new red/white checked dress to wear to the dance. I decided the neckline was too low so Sharon found me a nice red western shirt and red skirt and a new white slip & pettie pants. She will store my old dress with the historian’s things.
On May 5th I went to the Bismarck Round Dance Club. I watched them dance all evening. Everyone thought my new outfit looked nice, but they still did not dance with me – On the 22nd of May Pius & Helen are taking me to Wishek. I sure hope they don’t make me ride in the trunk!! I went to the Speedway Café in Mandan for supper. We had a tood time – one the way home I got even with Vic and Joan Schwahn – I mooned them – ha, ha. I went to the dance on Thurs at Bismarck with Helen and Pius. It was a fun dance. John Emter danced with me – fun fun. Helen and Pius are sending me to Wishek with John & Delores Becker. Helen and Pius have to go to Fargo on Sat. I’ll see all my Bis-Man friends in Fargo at the 94 convention.
I came to Wishek ND on May 22, 1993 and spent the summer on the farm with Richard & Esther Lang. It was a quiet summer.
On Oct 12, 1993 I attended the Wishek Diamond Squares on their 20th Anniversary dance where I took part in one of the skits they put on, and spent the rest of the evening watching from the stage. Then I went back to the farm and sat looking out the window until Oct 23 when Richard & Esther took me to Jamestown.
7/21/94 Tillie was reunited with me and then went to Jamestown. Bye P. Ternes
Was at Wergelands waiting for the fall dances to begin. They are taking me to Edgeley this evening. 9-9-94
Tillie helped with the sunflower harvest in Kulm, but is real glad to get back to square dancing so Berntson’s are taking her over to Guelph WhirlAways
11-14-94 Dan Wagners brought Tillie to Wishek square dance 12-3-94 then she was a guest of John Beckus til the 12-17-94
Tillie came to the Guelph Whirlaways dance with the Lester Berntsons on Nov 14. She has been a house guest at the Howard Andersons.
On evening of 12-17-94 got to go home with the Silbernagels. Went to a wedding. Joe made me sit in the van all night. Was afraid I would get kidnapped. What a bore THAT was. Helped the Sibernagels remodel their home. What a job THAT was. Spent Christmas with them & told Joe all about Eddie Jochim, what a story!!! Going to go to dance by Arnold Strebe on Jan 14th.
Jan 15th, 1995. I went to square dance lessons for a brush up on my dancing.
Jan 21st – I got to dance one tip at the Bismarck Promenaders dance. Joe & Phyllis also took me to another dance Mar 4th. Marlan & Sharon Sorenson took me home for a few days & until I could find a ride to Kenmare to attend the 20th Anniversary dance of the Circle & Swing Club. Marlan found me a ride with Duane & Diane Ingerson on March 10th, 1995. It was fun being in Bismarck & attending so many dances
Mar 11, 1995 I got to Kenmare today with Duane Ingerson’s. They took me to Sid & Elsie Ingerson’s. That was a long ride from Bismarck. Mitchell & I got so tired. I just barely got rested up for the big anniversary dance the next day, March 12th. Sid was calling and Elsie was decorating and making food. It was so nice to be back in Kenmare to visit my "roots." I got to dance in every square and that was fun. I also got to go to the Club meeting at Lander’s one evening. Elsie took me to work with her all the time and many other places. Now I’m on my way to State Convention. Whew!! Everyone liked my pretty outfit Sharon Sorenson fixed for me.
April 29th. Went to Minot subscription dance
6/1/95 Went to the International Square and & Round Dance Convention in Bismarck/Mandan. The Diers took me there. I went home with Vic & Joan Schwahn after Convention. I also attended their after party & got to see my friend Pius. He seemed to have missed me a lot. Got a big hug from him. I don’t think I ever was to an International Convention before. Sure made a lot of friends. These people really know how to throw a convention.
6/8 I got to go to Pius Ternes’ retirement party. Had a great time. I sure hope since he retired he will have more time to spend with me.
Sept 8 & 9 I had a great time at the Bis/Mandan Folkfest. Tom Trainor called & Mel Diers cued the rounds. I just love Tom’s voice & Mel’s bald head.
8/10/95 I went home with Mel & Joan Diers & stayed overnight in Steele, ND. Nice people there. Then went to Matt Vetter’s Mem. Dance in Wishek. I hope to stay with them awhile.
Boy, that Matt Vetter Tribute dance Sept 10, 1995 was sure nice. The attendance was great – over a hundred people. And the callers six of them were just marvelous. I enjoyed myself tremendously. From there I came to the brand new home of Herman & Ruth Thurn. I stayed there for a few weeks. Everyone that came to see them said Hi to me. I went to Guelph Whirlaways Oct 9, 1995. Enjoyed my stay in Wishek.
10/9/95 Had a great time at Guelph. Jim Logan called. He is a national caller and came all the way from DesMoines, Iowa. Had fun with the 7 squares there. I went home with Hildie & Bob Radtke and am going to Lisbon with them on October 12, 1995 because I heard that Jerry Junck is going to call. Another national caller. Wow! I’m really on the go.
Oct 12, 1995 I went to Lisbon and had a good time with Jerry Junck calling the tips. I left the dance with Dale & Evelyn Baasch, but they didn’t have enough room for me so they left me at Van & Theresa Satlaks. The Satlaks weren’t home when I arrived so I sat in a chair and waited for them. Very early the next morning I had the pleasure of meeting their house guest/student. I sat there very quietly while he got ready for his paper route. Apparently he sensed me watching him, because he looked up & gasped. I felt a bit sorry for him, but I giggled every time I thought of his reaction & the look on his face when he saw me. The Satlaks are very busy people and didn’t dance very much thru the winter, but they were gracious enough to make me comfortable in a big closet.
On May 9, 1996 I went with them to the Sheyenne Squares last dance. They are suffering the same problems of a lot of other clubs & with only 5 couples are going to close up their club. Norman Cross did the calling & they had a good turn out & it was a lot of fun. At the end of the evening, one gentleman, whose wife was in Minneapolis at a school concert, was told he needed company while his wife was away. These friends gave explicit instructions where I was to sit and sleep while I was his guest. It so happened my host had to stop at his son’s to get his dog. I waited in the car while he went in to the house. Every so often I would see the son peering out the window at the car. Boy, did I blush when he came out & told me he hadn’t told his son about me. The son asked it he was alone – "yes" Where’s Mom? "In Minneapolis" Oh, that’s right. But he must have seen me sitting in the car, because he looked out 3 or 4 times.
Anyway, I went on home and was made comfortable and his wife came home late the next nite. I finally met the son a couple days later. A tall, thin rugged type young man. He was courteous but looked me over good for a minute or two. I really enjoyed this couples toy poodle "Abbey" She got into the car, jumped into my lap, nosed around & when I didn’t pet her, went into Dale’s lap. When we got to their house, Abbey came in and started playing with my feet. She rolled on her back & nosed around my feet & jumped into my lap, licked at my face & back to my feet. Dale stood & laughed at her and proceeded to inform me that she does that to anyone & is trying to tell them she wants attention. Needless to say, when I didn’t give her any attention she left me alone.
6/30/96 I am going to Britton with 3 couples – I’ve worn out my welcome in ND and I’m anxious to see some new territory & dancers. I have spent all my years traveling around ND and have met some very nice people. I feel bad to see the decline in sq. dance clubs & maybe given time we’ll see more dancers again. I’m looking forward to my life in SD.
6/30/96 I went home this evening with Dennis & June VanAsch. They are the club callers for the Britton Barnburners & they live near Milbank, SD. It was 82 miles home & I was really tired. While at the dance, I danced with Carly & Casey Grinsruds granddaughters. They were a lot of fun. They had a very good dance tonight. June gave me my own bedroom during my stay. Real nice. They have a nice new home, very peaceful. During the summer my hosts don’t travel much so it will be a nice rest. I’m going to the club picnic in a week. The water at the lake should feel real good. Hope I can find my swimsuit. After a vacation this summer & fall, I am headed South for a chance to meet new people. Can hardly wait. We are going to Sioux Falls for their Christmas dinner & dance. Yum!
12/12/96 I was brought down to Sioux Falls by Dennis & June for the Shirts & Skirts dance on Dec 21. I danced with Dale Olson. What a guy. Fran & Jerry Larson took me in for the Christmas Holidays. Oh! By the way; the Shirts & skirts took me out to a restaurant after the dance on the 21st. The waitresses tried to fix me up with the cook. Nothing came of it, though.
Dec 31, 1996 Larsons took me to the Olsons for a potluck supper tonight. After that we went to the S & S New Years Eve dance. What a time. Went to after party at 1 am ‘til after 3 am at the Olsons. Sounds like I might have a chance to go south for the winter.
I didn’t get to go south as planned because there was so much snow I couldn’t get out of S. Falls! Anyway, I have been staying with the Warren Scott’s. They took me to a couple dnces, but it was sooo cold! Now I am ready to move on – before the floods maroon me for another couple months. Thanks, Scotts, but you could use another blanket on that bed!!
5/3/97 Rich & Lila Bawdon Huron SD I came home with the Bowdon’s from the SD State Festival at Brookings. Warren Scott presented me with a big fan fare. I got to sit on the bench up on the stage during all of the Saturday dance. Oh what fun!! Then for the long ride home, Sunday am. I got to ride along to Hardee’s for breakfast but they thought it best if I stayed in the car. Mon am – I got to ride along while the Mrs. picked up the grandkid from pre-school. Boy did his eyes get big when he saw me sitting in the back seat – when we got home Christopher talked and danced with me. Then he had to show me off to his sister when she came home from school. They thought I was something else – most of the rest of my stay I spent sitting in a chair in the front room watching the grandkids play and listening to TV. I am ready to move on so will hitch a ride to the International Square Dance in Jamestown and try to find a new place to stay. But I did have fun with the kids – and a pleasant stay with the older folks. Thanks.
July 26, 1997 Here I am at the Rapid City July Festival. I rode from the International in Jmstn with Louie LaRouche & Ruth. I sat between them in their pick-up. I think Ruth was a little jealous but I really enjoyed it. We went to Pierre, & visited Louie’s grandchildren. I had a ball dancing with the grandkids.
I spent June at Ray & Lois Anderson’s. I had a room all to myself. They have 17 grandkids. Boy am I tired!! We danced on Wed nights with the Debonairs. I danced with Tim but he did step on my toes. (Notice my left shoe) but it was worth it (What a hunk!!) I’ve enjoyed seeing all my friends from ND at the July Festival. I sat on Louie’s lap because he has been ill & he couldn’t dance. Now I’ll be traveling back to Bismarck.
7/27/97 Went back to Bismarck with the Schwahn’s. Went to the summer dance on 8/21 at the Bismarck Eagles.
8/28/97 Oh, I am so happy to be back in ND where my notes say I belong. I traveled with 2 couples from Bismarck to Minot to attend the Minot Merry Mixers last dance as they and the Prairie Rose Plus, Magic Squares and Velva Prairie Squares are merging on Sept 1, 1997 to form one club called the Souris Valley Dancers. The Merry Mixers had 4 squares at their last dance (their annual dinner dance) and a caller from Japan and Arnold Strebe doing the calling. I have been staying with the Mergels and on Sept 13th they are going to take me to the new club for a dance and some fun. I hope to see a lot of clubs this fall before I have to be back in Bismarck on April 17 & 18 for the ND State Convention. Has anyone seen my sister and my husband.
Sept 21, 97 I was to the Souris Valley Club dances Sept 13 & 20. Had fun there. I spent the nite with Richard & Julie. They are taking me to the Harvey dance today.
Sept 21, 1997 I was brought to the Harvey Club (Town & Country Dancers) I got to the dance with Robert & Darlene’s granddaughter "Kady". We had a lot of fun and I even got to go home with them and Kady came over to visit me just about every day. I even had my own bedroom. I don’t’ know where they will take me next. But I will miss Kady and she will miss me.
Oct 31 McClusky brought Tillie to Wilton for the Halloween Dance on Nov 1, 1997. Tillie was brought to Bismarck for the Promenaders dance by members of the Wilton Town & Country Promenaders.
Nov 1, 1997 I went to a dance with the Promenaders of Bismarck with 3 ˝ squares. The dancers asked the caller & his wife to help me travel on so I’m on my way to Langdon.
Nov 3, 1997 I visited the Border Belles and Beaus in Langdon. There were three squares. I didn’t dance this time because Oscar was there. He is just a skeleton of a man – all bones but I was totally smitten and we sat together all evening. Then I stayed with the Johnsons and was royally entertained by their granddaughter. We even had a tea party. All this was great but I can hardly wait til the next dance. Maybe Oscar will show up.
11/17/97 I have really enjoyed my stay with Lloyd & Joyce – they are sooo nice! They invited me to dance with them at Langdon tonite. Bud & Elgin called some beautiful tips & round dances. For some reason Oscar didn’t make it to the dance, but a nice fellow named Don asked me to dance. I was sooo elated!! I needed lots of help remembering the calls cause this was really a lively square. I must be getting out of shape cause I was really bushed, when Mary helped me out. After a great lunch, I traveled to Devils Lake with the Sengers & was given rest in their guest room. I was so quiet & content that Rosie was startled to see me there. Tonite, Nov22, 1997, we will be dancing with Prairie Partners of Devils Lake, with Wayne Erickson at the mic. Hope to see many of you there. Bye-bye
April 8th, 1998 Boy! I’ve been here a long time! This has been a long winter. I thought maybe I had found my final resting place at the Don & Jeanette Calderwood dairy farm. I have been sitting in an old school desk acting as a teacher for the last 2 months. I have been entertained by the grandkids playing school, being their dancing partner and having fun. But it will be fun to mingle & dance with someone over 40!!! Although, one evening about 11pm or so I got to meet Don & Jeanette’s son, Ralph. I ws sitting out in their family room in the desk, sorta resting my eyes when Ralph came through on his way to bed. He noticed me and started talking. Gee! We were having such a nice conversation. Course I was just listening. Finally, he said "mom, are you mad or something – you’re not talking" So, he goes off to bed. The next morning lo & behold I was still sitting in the same place. He greeted me with "Good morning Mom, didn’t you even go to bed last night?" That’s when he noticed it wasn’t "mom". I think he was a little embarrassed. But, he was such a nice young man & I sure enjoyed the conversation. We didn’t get around to too many dances this winter, so now Don & Jeanette think I should make up for it by going to the State Square Dance Convention in Bismarck April 19th & 20th. They can’t go as they’re leaving on a trip, so Jeanette gave me her registration ribbon and are sending me with those nice people, Joyce & Rex Baker. Jeanette fixed my hair, put a pretty red bow in it & brightened me up with a little blush.
I’m really excited. I wonder if Joyce will let me sit by Rex on the way to Bismarck. I think he’s so nice, but I recon I’ll ride in the back seat as usual. I haven’t danced for so long, I hope my arthritis behaves. I’ll miss the Calderwood’s, I was calling it home, but it will be nice to move on. I can’t wait to see more familiar faces across the Square. I’m wondering if Oscar will be there. Oh! I hope so. Take care and I’ll see you across the square. By for now.
March 18, 2000 My, I’ve had a grand adventure starting with a night out at a Sons of Norway social in January. I got to dance with all those good looking men. Then I went home with Sidney & Cathy & the next day they took me to work at their office at EconoStorage where I got to spend the next five weeks as "Office Manager" keeping an eye on things while they went to Arizona & helping out their temporary secretary. Sure made the winter go faster!! Now it is time to re-join my friends at square dancing! Also on the 18th I went to the Belles & Beaux dinner dance. They had a potluck and I enjoyed all the food. After the meeting, I got to sit by the caller Larry Pfenning.
4-12 I went to the state convention at Bismarck. Had a real good time. Very good conversation. People came from far & wide. Fargo will host the 2003 convention & they put on a great floor promotion. Roger McNeil & Tammie Hughes called for the demonstration. As things were coming to a close, my friend, the other Tillie, and I were sent to Fargo with Mark & Hella Helfter. The ride would be OK if we could have sat on seats but they bagged us and had us ride laying on the lumpy cargo.
Friday, Apr 19, 2002. The other Tillie & I went to Prairie Promenader’s club dance. We had a good time but the train blew its horn close to the Depot. That surprised me & Tillie. There were 2 squares. We had visitors, Gary & Bea Videen. Also, Iven & Mavis Falk stopped in to visit. They are going to have lunch soon, but Oh No!!! he’s going to bag me & Tillie & put us in the car without lunch. I wonder, do the other guests get treated like that???
April 20, 2002 Circle 8 Plus club dance. Myron Hollatz from Morris MN called. We had over 2 squares. Myron called one tip for 6 couples. Everyone had a good time. Square dancers came over to visit with Tillie & me. My back was tired but now I’m ready to dance again. I got a new red purse in Fargo. It goes well with my dress. My friend Mark picked it out & got it for me. After getting me a new purse, Roger McNeil showed him I had a pocket with my journal, but who’s complaining, I got a new purse!!!
Oh NO!! it looks like he’s going to bag me & put me in the car. Why don’t I get to stay for lunch like everyone else?? Oh well, it was a real nice night anyway.
11/27/02 Saturday Fun Night dance. Dave & Doris Muir calling & cueing. I met square dancers from Hallock & Park Rapids, MN We Tillies had a really fun time and they invited us to stay for lunch. And a fine lunch it was.

Tillie, it was great dancing with you at the 52nd State Square and Round Dance Convention in Devils Lake, April 17, 2004.  You Round dance very well.  It was a pleasure cueing round dances at the convention.  Thanks again,  Vic & Joan Schwahn Bismarck, ND                                                             April 26th 2008 - I just finished the Fargo State Convention and now I am catching a ride to Bismarck with Ray & Rose Hall to stay with them and help promote their convention in 2009.  Today June 5th 2008 we left for the Intenational Convention in Jamestown, ND and had a great time.  I even got to Round Dance with Marvis Sigurdson from Canada.  October 25th 2008 I went to the Callers Convention in Bismarck.  It was a good turn out.  The national caller was Daryl Clendnin from Portland, Oregon.              March 15th 2009 I went to Jamestown today.  Larry Pfennig was the caller, nice weather tempurature of 44 degrees and they had 3 1/2 squares.  April 18th 2009 I went to the dance last night in Bismarck.  They had 4 squares and I met up with the other Tillie, she's doing pretty good since.  Since it is the last dancebefore the Bismarck Convention we are having a sleep over so she'e stay at our (Hall) house, we stayed up til the wee hours and told scary stories and had snacks and slept in this morning.  Nest weekend is the convention so we can't wait to see all our old friends.                                                                            After the ND Sate Convention in Devils lake we went home with the Harsagers to Fargo.  We stayed there for about 3 weeks when Helgters came back from their trip and picked us up.  They took us to Steele to attend Adam and Ceceila Baumstarck's 50th wedding aniversary dance.  May 15th 2010 .  On the 21st of May we visited the Country Twirlers in Lake Park.  Roger Lueth was calling.  The following Sunday we went to Battle Lake.  They had their graduation dance for 6 new dancers.  Their instructor, Larry Johansen did a good job.  It was good to see Richard Miller dancing.  He had a number of meical problems.  The next dance we attended was in Park Rapids on May 28th 2010.  We had fun listening to Roger Lueth calling again.  July 10 and 11 we were at the second annual Hoedown in Martin, ND.  We listened to a total of 5 callers.  It was a great time with Saturday and Sunday potluck suppers and Sunday morning brunch.  There was also a get together at Ken's corner. (Ken and Lois Weltz) garage in Matin.  Oh yes, there was also Square Dancing.  By the way the callers were: Larry Pfennig, Cliff March, Doc Brooks, Don Seibert and Mark Helfter.  July 15th we went to the Methodist Church in Wadena, MN.  Roger Lueth called again (that guy gets arround).  There were at least 5 squares including many new dancers.  It was fun to see so many people and make new friends.                                                           2011 -2012 Tillie was in the basement.  Stored waiting for the State Convention.  I attended the State Convention in Bismarck in April 2012 and had a good time.                                                                   2012 - 2013  I went home with Marlan and Sharon Sorenson.  They belong to the Dakota Ramblers camper group.  They did not take me camping because of the heat.  They left me home in their nice cool basement.  I did get to come to a Belles 'N Beaux dance on April 20th 2013.  Yea!  Ray Hall danced with me! Thank you, Ray.



Every club needs new blood occasionally and here I am. My name is Tillie. I’m the club member nobody wants. I don’t dance too well, but I sure enjoy it. Now that I’m a member of your club, dance with me at least once each night and bring me to all State functions.

When the callers say, "Tillie want to dance" you, my fellow members, must dance with me. If you grow tired of my company, simply dump me off on another club. Show them how much fun I am in your square and give me to them. They in turn must do the same; keep me traveling as fast as possible and help me collect badges. I don’t particularly care to return to the same club but if I do, don’t give me another badge. Please keep my travels within the state of North Dakota, because I have been lost in other states for several years. Please write in my journal, a short description of my activities with your club. Always return my journal to my pocket, so it can travel with me. My previous journals are on file with the State Historian.

Hope to see many of you dancers. Please overlook my drawback (no club responsibilities) but I have some good points, too (I never offend or criticize). Return me to the conventions every year so everyone can see where I’ve traveled each year. Each club should retrieve their club badge from me at the convention.


Nov 25th – Edgeley DoSiDons took me to Guelph Whirlaways for Jim Jirak dance.
Nov 29, 1990 – Guelph Whirlaways took me to Milnor Merry Mixers at Cogswell. Norman Cross calling plus dance.
Spent Christmas at the Sagvold’s. They made me sleep in the garage. Brrr! They took me to the Sheyenne Squares New Year’s Eve dance. John Dremlow asked me to dance and to go home with him.*
Spent Jan & Feb in John’s closet! Kind of dark in there! He did take me out in Feb for their Anniversary Dance and I even danced.
March 11, 1991 – went to the Winter Show dance with Skadbergs, Satlaks, and Henlines. I felt sad because no one asked me to dance. I sat on the stage and watched the whole thing.
March 23, 1991 – I am going to Jamestown tonight. To a mystery caller with Bob & Inez Eggert. After the Winter Show dance, I sadly watched as the Valley City Swingers voted not to dance next year. Guess what I found at the Eggerts – another Tillie!! An imposter or what, but I will have to admit she is younger and better looking- but she’s not getting to dancing tonight.
March 23, 1991 – Nels & Lorene Wergeland took me home with them. They live in Jamestown. On April 5, 1991 they are taking me to the North Dakota Square & Round Dance convention in Jamestown. I hope to see all my square dance friends. Plans are for me to go to Grand Forks after the convention April 7, 1991
The Skirts & Shirts Square dancers took me to Grand Forks after the convention in 1991. After another hot summer and cold winter (in Middleton’s garage) I was brought in for an "evaluation". Jean decided to fix me up a bit and I feel a lot better now. She repaired my broken ankle – although it’s still a bit swollen. She washed my clothes and gave me a new pair of shoes and a pink petticoat. I also get a new hairdo… I guess you’ve noticed a few gray hairs. Well, I AM getting older (just like the rest of you) but I’m still young at heart. I’ll be "swinging" with the Skirts & Shirts at the convention April 24th & 25th, 1992 and I hope you’ll all come and say Hi. Then it’s on to Bismarck! I wonder what the Sorenson’s and the other Bismarck dancers have in store for me?
8-27-98 – Hi! – Wow! What happened. I never left the Middleton’s for 6 years. As my card says I sat in the garage. Sure hope you all have had fun dancing . I thought I was going to a dance but I got put in a square box and taken to the post office for a rocking and a shaking trip to the Lloyd Mergels in Minot. You should just hear how all the post office people talk – it was hard on the ears. The Mergels are going to take me to their annual dinner dance tonight. My how things have changed. 4 clubs in Minot merged and became the Souris Valley dancers and several clubs around the state have closed. I sure am glad I got out and about before all the clubs in ND close. I am looking forward to doing some dancing and return to Minot for the Convention April 23rd & 24th, 1999. Please help me do some dancing and don’t put me on the shelf again. I might have some gray hair but I still know how to do some dancing. It sure is restful at the Mergels – they both work but their 2 dogs sure do bark when someone gets too close to the house. Please look in the Historians book for more information & pictures about me.
July 19, 2001 – I got put in a closet again. I don’t remember when I got put here but thanks again to the Mergel’s I am out. I am going to be in the State Fair Parade and go home with Bismarck and get to do some dancing if there are any callers and dancers left. Please don’t put me in the closet anymore. Have fun until we see you across the square. PS. I got to ride in the pick up with Fred Eidman. It was too hot to dance on the float. He told me some good jokes.
July, 2001 – After the State parade in Minot, Ray & Rose Hall took me along to Bismarck with them & they gave me my own bedroom instead of putting me in a box. It sure was nice. They said I’ll be going to the Folkfest on Sept 7-8, I can’t wait. I haven’t danced for years. I hope I remember how.
April 12 & 13, 2002 – ND State Convention in Bismarck – had a wonderful time. Went home with Mark & Hella Helfter. I hope they treat me well.
April 19, 2002 – Went to Prairie Promenaders in Fargo at the Depot. Phil Miller called. The trains sure come close to the Depot. We had over 2 squares with visitors from Bloomington, MN – Gary & Bea Videem. Also, Ivan & Mavis Falk stopped in to visit. Well, its about time to get bagged up & put in the car to wait.
April 20, 2002 – Circle 8 Club danced with Myron Hollatz from Morris, MN calling. We had over 2 squares and Myron called a tip for six couples. Everyone had a good time. The square dancers in Fargo are friendly people. Everyone came over and looked at my photos and journal and visited with me. My feet are still tired from the convention and the ride back was bad. Everyone sat on the seats but my friend, the other Tillie, and I were stuck in the back riding on the lumpy cargo.